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What you become when you get too many plastic surgeries done. As far as I'm concerned you are an inhuman cyborg at that point.
Dan: Look at that hot chick on the street!
Chester: Yeah. Way beyond a sexy beast. She's gotta be a freakin' robot.
by IcyHaku December 01, 2004
Fuckin' great song by Lastier. And yes, that is how the title is lettered.
I dare you not to be drawn in by is the END's golden repetitiveness!!!
by IcyHaku December 01, 2004
Infants have self-pity. You could say having self-pity is you reverting back to your childhood. Worrying about things that don't even matter in the long run, you allow yourself to be overcome, and others to walk over you in whatever way they wish. Self-pity can be imagined too, it doesn't have to be real. Whatever, you never allow yourself to live.

It can lead to an inferiority complex.
Don't you ever want to have any fun? Self-pity's got to go!
by IcyHaku June 02, 2006
Actually, there is an answer to this statement that is as feared as "you are the father". Though it is a question.
GF: Does this {article of clothing} make me look fat?
BF: Before you ask me, ask yourself, 'Do I feel fat wearing this?' Then, maybe I can give you a better answer!
by IcyHaku December 01, 2004
Something FAR worse than LUE. It's the place at Gaia Online refered to as "Gaian Hell." And the inhabitants can be considered the scum of the Web.

Also spelled 'Chadderbox' and inhabitants 'Chadderboxers'.
I posted a link to the Chadderbox on LUE. They were like "whoa they're worse than we are". LUE is known for invasion, though I knew a place as humongous as that would be difficult to invade.
by IcyHaku December 02, 2004
I don't want to be Jesus, nor have I ever wanted to. For I shall walk my own path and not somebody else's, no matter how perfect it is.
WWJD is a phrase made by Christians who want to become God. God disapproves of that, which is why the question never shows up in the Bible.
by IcyHaku December 02, 2004
A brutal and insane man wearing no pants whatsoever (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, called Iced in the US game for). He holds his lord in high regard, and if you make him attack a figure that looks exactly like his lord, he will go kung-fooey on your ass and beat it until you are fubar but still living, and there's no stopping him when he's like this. He's THAT brutal, insane, and unstoppable.

Also, you could call any pantless (religious) zealot a Vanilla Ice.
Vanilla Ice... AKA the Pantless Wonder
by IcyHaku August 11, 2005

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