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A sexual position in which the lady kneels on all fours and receives the privilege from her gentleman friend in a style reminiscent of Attenborough's "Trials of Life" documentaries.
As Magdalena leaned forward to collect her buckets of milk, Zebediah's view of her peachy posterior caused him not unwelcome feelings of lust and he gleefully engaged her in the piercing tiger for several minutes before the inevitable feelings of worthlessness, emptiness and nihilistic self-loathing set in and caused him to suffer a loss of tumescence.
by Icy Mike February 07, 2005
When two men forcibly insert their penises into either end of a rodent so that they meet in the middle while piping up low grade crack cocaine in a red phone box while watching EastEnders on a portable black and white TV.

(see also "rat pointing")
Mbutu's family had never forgiven him for getting caught rat pointing London style with his friend Rajiv.
by Icy Mike February 07, 2005
When two men forcibly insert their penises into either end of a rodent so that they meet in the middle.

(see also "rat pointing London style")
John and Lance enjoyed a hearty bout of rat pointing of a Saturday eve.
by Icy Mike February 07, 2005
Another word for kook, or poser, but only a woman can be a hoondune. Hoondunes are also known for being promiscuous, mainly attracted to someone in the professional sports category, also known as a pro ho. Hoondunes are known to be stuck up rich girls who spend more money and time to look the part, rather than taking the time to get better at the sport that they latch onto.
Maybe if that "hoondune" Shelby actually snowboarded as much as she talks about it, she might be able to actually ride down the mountain without looking like an idiot.
#poser #tryhard #pro ho #wannabe #kook.
by icy mike July 11, 2014
While engaged in sexual congress from the piercing tiger position, the gentleman extricates his member before climax and expectorates on the woman's posterior. Upon believing his work to be done, she turns around, at which point he ejaculates into her eyes, causing her to stagger around like a zombie, a la George A. Romero.
Upon arriving at the emergency room, Sally was quite embarassed to explain that her torn ligament resulted from being on the receiving end of the Zombie and then tripping over a footstool.
by Icy Mike February 07, 2005
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