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Concept in the corpoate business world that protects stockholders from being liable for the debts of the business.
A simple way of understand this is that stockholders can ONLY lose what they invest; creditors of a business CANNOT go after the stockholders for the business's liabilities.

Basically a business can rack up a bunch of debt, go under, and not have pay the difference owed to creditors after liquidating.

This concept does NOT apply to family owned business AKA non-corporations.
The corporate veil is a motherfucker. Lets corporations that go under get away scott free.
by Iconoklastic~ February 17, 2010
The coolest mispelling of the word moan.
K': Aww yeah thats how you do it. *maons*
Jenn: *Continues to suck on his fingers.*
by Iconoklastic~ April 19, 2010
An article of clothing that can be either a very large pair of pants that can reach up as far as the breasts or a simple pair of overalls.
It goes without saying that leg and titty warmers keep you warm, but whether or not they are fashionable is uncertain.
by Iconoklastic~ June 24, 2010
When someone has a lot of swag (see sex appeal or charism) and you want some of it - this is what you ask them.
Damn. Look at you, brah. Can I borrow some swag?
by Iconoklastic~ February 22, 2010
The equivalent to the internet iconic phrase "butthurt", but it sounds much cooler.
Matty got bottomsore when Kelsea told him off.
by Iconoklastic~ June 06, 2010
A character from Street Fighter Alpha 3. This guy is simply amazing. He's a boxer that is meant to resemble the British boxer Chris Eubank. His style and persona is simply amazing!
Some of Dudley's famous quotes:

"Lets fight.. Like gentlemen!"

"Cross Countah~!!"

"Guttah Trash!"
by Iconoklastic~ February 10, 2010

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