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A bitchy egg that gets easily owned by everything but noobs like to clause it. Some idiots use it but still like to clause it for some reason. It's one of the evil creatures that form the awful skarmbliss combo. Get totally raped by half of the things on the current metagame because it totally sucks.
random noob: omfg blissey is cheap u shud burn in teh hell bcuz u use it its liek very cheep u n00b *disconnects*
by Icicle22 March 30, 2005
A totally gay and ridiculous... thing that gets raped by everything. There are 2 groups of noobs related to Smeargle. Those who love it and think it's "WHOAMG 7£H UL7IM@TE P0K£M0N LOL" and those who think it's te cheapest thing ever and should be banned.
Both are wrong.
Noob #1: Smeargle is teh better pogeymanz bcuz it learnz every move LOL
Noob #2: u r a n00b bcuz Smeargle is teh cheepness
by Icicle22 March 30, 2005
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