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As was foretold by Linus in It's the Great Blumpkin Charlie Brown! It is the king of all blumpkins and can only be had on Halloween night. According to Norse folklore, it is the best blowjob that you can possibly get while sitting on a toilet and taking a shit.
Rick: Yo, Sal, it was halloween last night, did the Great Blumpkin show up?
Sal: Yeah, i had like three calzones and then I wanted to take a shit but she wanted to get kinky. Let's just say The Great Blumpkin arrived on schedule
Rick: Sick
Sal: Ya, totally fuckin sick
by Ichiro Tomlinson May 05, 2010
A classy, rare, one of a kind blowjob much like an item that would be found on Antiques Roadshow. It is the 15th century Ming Dynasty vase of blowjobs in its one of a kind nature and value. Also, a blowjob from an elderly woman.
I was at the governor's ball and after a meal of foie gras and steak, an incredibly attractive female assistant pulled me to the side and took me to the governor's private bathroom, where i sat on fine porcelain and she gave me an Antiques Roadblow. There was marble and mahogany everywhere, it was real classy.


Rick: I was at the library of congress last week
Sal: Yeah, how the fuck was that?
Rick: Pretty fuckin' good, the hot librarian took me to the Antiques Roadblow, she said she wanted to polish my musket
Sal: Revolutionary war-themed. That's sounds like a pretty fuckin' classy Antiques Roadblow
by Ichiro Tomlinson May 05, 2010
v. jonahito. Pronounced Ho-KNEE-Toe. Jonah as in jonah and the whale. It refers to illegal aliens who are swallowed by whales and then spit out on the California coast near San Diego or Encinitas as a way arriving in the United States.
Jim- Carl, there's another whale beached and I hear Mariachi music.

Carl- Yeah the INS has been telling us to watch out for Mexicans that smell like whale barf, they call 'em Jonahitos.
by Ichiro Tomlinson August 03, 2010

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