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a simple yet fun word to say. mostly said to grab peoples attention. also usually said when one is happy
did you get some last night?
ladel ladel ladel
by Ichiro July 14, 2003
1. The cross between blue and purple
2. When you burp and that bile/vomit comes up by accident.
"aahhh crap, i just burpled"
by ichiro October 13, 2003
The way an idiot would pronounce thesaurus. Usually done by males that have an extremely hard time talking to begin with. Often mistaken for a dinosaur of some kind
you need to look in a thesasaurus.
what's a thesasaurus
you don't know you idiot?
by Ichiro July 14, 2003
A extremely rare insult only used by the most intellegent of people. The word actually has no meaning but just the sound should strike fear, terror, and pain into the hearts of men. This word often brings its subject to tears
hey mike how are u today
(sob sob)
by Ichiro July 14, 2003
When a tall skinny bald guy tries to say turrets.
I died cause all those turrents were shooting me
by Ichiro July 14, 2003
1. something in people's bodies that is quite important to them
2. an extremely fun word to say. also can be combined with other words to make a new meaning sort of like whorzinforzinstorzinmorzin
how are u today
by Ichiro July 14, 2003
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