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When a vehicle cuts you off on a snow covered road and sprays salty white shit all over the windsheild.
Fuck that dude in that truck just sprayed me with a road load! Turn on the wipers
by Ichi_Oni January 29, 2010
The act of doing a ninja ball behind someone with both hands and then wrapping them around someones face forcing them to breath in the gasses, thus causing them to first vomit from the smell, black out, and then fall on the ground and convulse.
Man I ate a huge bowl of chili, and I have been farting all day, so I snuck up on RC and did a ninja strangle hold. She vomited, passed out and convulsed. It was epic! Then I continued to Nazi stomp her.
by Ichi_Oni June 19, 2009
The act of farting into one's own hand, lighting the gases then "throwing" it into an unsuspecting target's face.

Or if some is lighting up you throw the ninja ball through the lighter flames igniting the gases.
Hand me that lighter, I have to fart and Im going to make a flaming ninja ball and through it at Joe.
by Ichi_Oni June 17, 2009

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