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The ultimate romantic pairing of the manga/anime Bleach created by the awesome mangaka Kubo Taito.

The pairing consists of Ichigo (a 15 years old boy who can see ghosts) and Rukia (a full time Shinigami from Soul Society).

At first they appear to have this cliché love-hate relationship going on, but as the series goes on they develop more deep feelings for each other.
Rukia totally cares about Ichigo and his well-being, and Ichigo does the same for her, to the extent that he risks his life and goes to the other world just to save her, even if she asked him to do the opposite (she didn't want him to get hurt or die).

But not only him is willing to risk his life for her, because Rukia too has put HIS life before her own.

They are one of the best couples ever because they compliment each other and understand the other perfectly.
And last but not less important, they make a completely hot couple.
Example 1:
IchiRuki fangirl: Did you see! Ichigo totally rescued Rukia.
IchiOri fangirl: But... but Orihime has boobs! *runs away crying*.
IchiRuki fangirl: My OTP pwns! SUCKER.

Example 2:
IchiRuki fangirl: HA! So after all Rukia DID come back to Ichigo. Ichigo was SO surprised and excited to see her.
IchiOri fangirl: But... but Orihime has red hair!... and boobs! *runs away crying*.
IchiRuki fangirl: And once again, my OTP pwns! SUCKER.
by IchiRuki Lover November 23, 2005

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