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2 definitions by IcebergSlim

The liquid that dribbles or shoots from the penis, after coitus.
She swallowed every drop of dick cream.
by IcebergSlim April 20, 2006
1. Extreme anger, or dislike for a person because because of jealousy.
2. Dislike of a person for the pettiest reasons known to man.
3. To point out a persons flaws or weaknesses, and try to magnify them 100 times, to overlook that persons positives.
4. ssj marik.
ssj marik: Lebron James is the most overhyped player in the NBA.

IcebergSlim: Dude relax, he's only 21.

ssj marik: How yall gone compare him to Jordan, and not Dwayne Wade.

IcebergSlim: Don't be a hater!!!
by IcebergSlim April 23, 2006