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Somebody who can take a Giada de Laurentiis dish and cook it in 30 minutes or less!
"That Giada dish...well I did a Rachel Ray on it! I get to enjoy the same flavors with half the time!"
by IceWarm August 06, 2008
Small cubes made out of ivory, plastic, wood or other various materials. Each side has a value indicated by a dot, or dots. They range from one to six. These are used to play various games as well to gamble with.
"Let's shoot some dice motherfucker!"
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
Slang for anything extra. Or "And then some." Can be used for many things. It can be used to demand respect or acknowledgement as well as many other things. It is also another term along the lines of icing on the cake.
"You best bring me my chips...with dip!"

"That shit is the dip motherfucker!"
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
Another way of saying "Buck" as in buck naked.
I want my bitch to get bucky naked.
by IceWarm February 24, 2004
Another word for the drug/narcotic substance Marijuana.
"Go smoke some cheeba!"
by IceWarm November 20, 2004
Anything that a person has that may be of value. A few examples are money, jewelry, and guns to name a few.
"I jacked that busta for his grip!"

"Give me that grip motherfucka!"
by IceWarm November 02, 2004
An ugly ass son/daughter of a bitch. Basically they look like fecal matter(shit) which is where the word comes from.
"Get the fuck out of here you shitface mother fucker!"

"You ain't nothing but a shitface bitch!"
by IceWarm November 20, 2004

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