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Another saying for cum. Comes from wing sauce like you would put on chicken wings. Called wang sauce because it comes from the wang another word for penis.
"Yo bitch I just gave your mom a load of hot wang sauce all over her tits and face, you better help her lick it all up."

“Swallow that wang sauce bitch!”
by IceWarm March 21, 2006
When something you are using or own is stolen/taken when you are not looking. Comes from how animals, mostly birds of prey will swoop in and kill/pick up prey or take stuff that is lying around to eat and/or make a nest out of.
Person 1 "Where are those magazines I was reading before I went to the bathroom?"

Person 2 "They got swooped on by John a few minutes ago."
by IceWarm March 14, 2006
When a male's genitals stick to the side of their leg or their underwear.
I got major chaffage right now. I need to adjust my pants.
by IceWarm April 29, 2004
Abbreviation for touchdown in the game of American football. Scored when a player carrying the ball crosses into the end zone or catches a pass while in the end zone of the opposing team. Worth 6 points on the scoreboard.
"He threw 3 TD passes in first game of the season."

"They have already scored a TD on us."

"I can't believe I missed that pass, it would have been a TD for sure if I caught it."
by IceWarm November 21, 2004
Short for fuck nugget

An idiot, somebody who is incredibly annoying.
"He is such a fuck nug!"
by IceWarm February 06, 2004
Somebody who can take a Giada de Laurentiis dish and cook it in 30 minutes or less!
"That Giada dish...well I did a Rachel Ray on it! I get to enjoy the same flavors with half the time!"
by IceWarm August 06, 2008
Somebody who basically starts fires for fun or to do damage to a person or a person's property. Usually fucked up in the head in some way. See arson.
"That firestarter bitch burned down my house, now I'm going to kill her and cut off her fucking head!"
by IceWarm November 21, 2004
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