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Wikipedia's most prolific vandal. He is an abusive pagemove vandal who moves pages to where they end with "on wheels!". He has thousands of Wikipedia sock puppets and is the most impersonated vandal. He also has many sleeper accounts, such as CapnCrack, MilkMan, Pelican Shit and PISSCHRIST, as well as an impersonator (or this may be a sleeper account of Willy's, though unlikely) of the infamous Communism vandal, known as Wikipedia is Communism. Johnny the Vandal, another infamous Wikipedia vandal, possibly him also, works with Willy too.
Instead of the article being titled "The Simpsons," Willy on Wheels will move it to "The Simpsons on wheels!".
by IceSickleSHAKE April 05, 2008
CapnCrack, also known as "The Capn", is one of the possible sleeper sock puppets of Wikipedia's infamous Willy on Wheels. CapnCrack vandalizes by adding bad edit summaries to articles after saving. His sock puppets usually involve pursuing sexual relations with female admins.
CapnCrack liked to pursue sex with female admins such as this sock puppet account named "CapnCrack assimilated BorgQueen's titties last night".
by IceSickleSHAKE April 06, 2008

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