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1. The act of bludgeoning someone or something with a trout.
johnny stepped out of line so bobby trout slapped him
by IceMan316 December 17, 2003
1. A hit man or thug.

2. Someone who shows very little emotion or fear in the face of danger, death, or extreem pain.
1. Did you hire an ice man to off that punk bitch?

2. even though bob had been stabbed in the wang with a large knife, he kept a strait face.
by IceMan316 December 17, 2003
A place on the americas army forum for the computer game developed by the US army titled "Americas Army". Was once used for off topic subjects but is now sort of like a cult with civil wars and small political groups. This is caused by a tightly knitted group of posters called the "R&R junkies". The goal of the R&R "junkies" is to pwnzer the General forum by beating them to death with trouts. The even have an R&R army........... they are all raving psycotics...... stay away from http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewforum.php?f=55&sid=bd40f66487b6ef95daf0d14b189e5b07 ....... there is evil there.
R&R pwnz joo
by IceMan316 December 17, 2003
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