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Brilliant band from Canada with a fanbloodytastic debut song.
Listen to them. Now.

Also known as 3DG.
"Three Days Grace rock my socks."
by IceIceIceHockey March 24, 2004
Similar to tenner, this is a slang word for currency.
In England, a fiver is a five pound note (£5.00).
1. "I didn't even earn a fiver last night."
2. "I gave him a fiver for the T-Shirt."
by IceIceIceHockey March 23, 2004
English slang for a ten pound note (£10.00).
Most commonly used by teenagers.
1. "Got a tenner I can borrow?"
2. "I found a tenner inside my coat pocket today!"
by IceIceIceHockey March 23, 2004
Brilliant movie featuring Jack Black of Tenacious D, who, as Dewey Finn, gets thrown out of his own band. Searching for an answer to help him pay his rent, he impersonates Mr. S, his flatmate, and becomes a Temp. teacher.
Whilst teaching the hilariously characterised children, he learns that winning isn't everything. A must see for any rock music fan, or for anybody wanting a few laughs.
Also has an amazing soundtrack.
1. "I saw School of Rock the other day."
2. "I wish I could go to the School of Rock!"
3. "The School of Rock rocks!"
by IceIceIceHockey March 23, 2004
When referring to a male's penis and testicles at the same time; the whole package.
Referred to in singular term.
1. "So how big was his penicle?"
2. "...And then I kicked him right in his penicle..."
by IceIceIceHockey March 23, 2004
Form of Currency.
In England, a slang term for a twenty pound note (£20.00).
1. "That twenny's got my name on it."
2. "I lost twenny in a bet."
3. "She bought fags in bulk with her twenny."
by IceIceIceHockey March 23, 2004
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