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A man who gives off the impression he doesnt give a sh*t.

A true Leeroy has a GAYER attitude to life, loves shopping, drinking, tattoo's, tanning and is a hug whore.
That Sykes boy loves nothing more than visiting AXM any night of the week to be gropped by a gay...
A true Leeroy pretends he's only into women but once you know him and his character his GAYER side shows through...
Whislt out on the lash a true Leeroy loves nothing more than an audience to show his true crankish self off too, his dance moves are smooth but his legs are smoother!!
Beware of kissing him though cos if this guys thirsty, he'll drink out of a puddle!
'Leeroy that guy just full mouth kissed you and felt you up'.... 'Well it didnt feel wrong'

Good morning dial a hug Leeroy Sykes speaking, how may I help.... Come get in my bed..... No problem I'll be there in the next 10 minutes

Look there's Leeroy Sykes drinking from a puddle again!!!!
by Ice Queen Buca October 25, 2010

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