2 definitions by Ice Man 480

The combination of Burn and Zing. Used after witty insults
Nick: Hey
Scott: You suck Cock! ZURN
Nick: Who told you!
by Ice Man 480 April 25, 2007
The act of a male inserting his erect penis into the oral cavity of a female. He then leans forward, while his penis remains in the bitches mouth. He then releases his bowels, allowing the diahria to exit his anus. Note that it is recommended to use a laxative, or eat a hot pocket an hour before preforming this activity. The shit then voyages across the taint, then climbs over the balls. It then reaches the penis, and slides down it like a fireman down a pole. As the boiling shit reaches the penis, the man "blows his load" into the bitches mouth. This creates the sensation of the jizz and the shit reaching the bitch at the same time.
Nick: Wanna Winnie the Pooh
Scott: WTF, dont be gay
Nick: Ok

Nick: Wanna Winnie the Pooh
Ammie: Get the fuck out of my room (Bat to head)
Nick: It'll be over soon

Nick: Ryan, you've gotten really good at Winnie the Poohing
Ryan: Yea, Weston and I have been practicing ALOT
Nick: I'm gay
Ryan: Gross dude, your lucky you have such a big vagina
by Ice Man 480 April 25, 2007

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