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A smart, pretty girl.

You can find her in a crowd and notice that she stands out.
She leads crowds; never follows them.

Rarely ever single.
Normally a brunette with hazelish eyes.
Or a blonde with blue eyes.
Acts like a spaz but is really smart deep down she is just not willing to show it unless you tempt her.
Normally a calm person, rarely ever yells or gets mad.

When she crys it's either because shes heartbroken or hurt mentally or phisically. other than that, she doesn't cause too much drama.
Shes a walking goddess. She travels a lot.

Loves the summer; being in hot weather.

When she says she'll do it, she means it.
Never doubt her.
She lies a little bit but only when needed.
A very good influence
Cooler than you.
Most hilarious person alive.
Sent from the heavens
Has one of the worst lives ever but is still content with it.
a new vegetarian
unique style
loves the rainbow
she thinks emo love is to die for
not emo
wishes to be a scene queen
puts herself down a lot
shes drop dead gorgeous.
loves all kinds of rock music
GREAT sense of humor
loves singing, just hides it
looks older(in a good way) than she is.
tall for her age
wishing that someone would catch her from this darkness shes falling in to
omg did you she her?! Shes totally Candace!
by Ice;SparkleBabyShine June 14, 2009

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