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A combination of geek and emo. Not always a derogatory term - some people like some labels.

geek emo
"My Internet girlfriend broke up with me last night... I can't go on anymore. I'm posting my suicide note on all my message boards and saying goodbye."
"lmao you fucking geekmo."
by Icareda Zadriana NiVar June 08, 2006
A phrase created when I misheard someone say "jazz holes" when they actually said "genitals". It works either way, and saying "jazz holes" is a lot funnier.

Random backgroud information: The person was talking about the angels in the movie Dogma who have no genitals.

Person #1: "My boyfriend cheated on me again!"
Person #2: "You should kick him right in the jazz hole!"

Person #1: "Keep your jazz hole away from my jazz hole!"

Person #1: "My jazz holes hurt..."
Person #2: "You should get some ointment for that or something."
Person #3: "Wtf?"
by Icareda Zadriana NiVar June 08, 2006

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