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today's morning - derived from this morning
the smorning I ate breakfast.
by Iced March 17, 2004
Somone of complete and utter idiocy, unable to spell even "basterd" correctly, who calls everyone "drunks". Spends a lot of time flaming the ops in #jj2 "irq", as he calls it.
by iCeD September 07, 2003
dick fucking cock sucker
A guy sucking dick
by IcEd February 13, 2004
An annoying city in Southern California just Northwest of Santa Barbara and south of San Luis Obispo. Extremely Conservative political views, lots of Mexican immigrants and a very high level of poverty and computer incompetence. Also has an annoying level of traffic downtown.

Nice otherwise, though.
by iCeD September 29, 2003
A sufferer of Autism, and a speaker of extremely poor English. Is often teased for his lack of an ability to understand and speak English properly. Also happens to be extremely hilarious.
Do you come from Japan, China or something country in Africa! You looks brown!
by iCeD September 24, 2003
Slang: A penis or prick.
It's not my fault I have a huge conker.
by iCeD November 30, 2004
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