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1. Cough caused by heavy marijuana usage, similar to a cigarette smokers cough.
2. Newest cd by Slightly Stoopid, a kickass sublime style band.
Joe "I smoked so much sensi this year that I
cough all the timenow. "
Me " I think you have chronicitis man."
2. Slightly stoopid's newest cd "chronicitus" is tight as hell, fire up a spliff of some good sensimillia and listen to it and chill...its fun.
by Ibillin October 08, 2007
1. Stl slang refering to a pack of kools, or specifically the interlocking "oo" on a pack of kools
1. sup man, can I bum a double-o
A kool man.
Oh, sure
by Ibillin October 12, 2007

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