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1. An evening programming block broadcast over Nickelodeon that appeals to adult audiences with a lineup of classic television shows.

2. The condition of a situation emulating a television sitcom, especially by means of cheesy romantic actions. A 'Nick at Nite' moment is one that has been employed a thousand and one times in every TV show imaginable, and yet people continue to do it because, well, it's been employed a thousand and one times. Can evoke positive feelings in a person while simultaneously making them feel sick due to an OD of classic cheesiness.
1. Every weeknight Barbara settled in to watch re-runs of The Cosby Show and Roseanne on Nick at Nite.

2. After her crush won her a stuffed animal at the carnival, Jessica couldn't help but think "Man, that is so Nick at Nite!".
by Ianthe August 07, 2006
'Yesessarily' is essentially a contraction (sans the ugly and very un-aesthetic apostrophe aka flying banana) of 'yes' and 'necessarily'. This word comes in handy far more than you would think. Used after a person says 'not necessarily!'
Person 1: All rap music sucks.
Person 2: Not necessarily!
by Ianthe July 15, 2006

A more correct term for sleep over. The word 'sleepover' is misleading as it implies that sleeping will occur. However, this is simply not the case. The point of a sleepover is to stay up as late as possible in order to maximise party time. Thus, in all actuality the event termed 'sleep over' is more like an 'awake over'.
LO: Dude you havin' an awake over Friday night?
Me: Yup, we gotta load up on energy drinks. Anyone falls asleep and they get toothpaste in their hair.
by Ianthe January 18, 2007
Having the heat turned up extremely high. Origins in projects where the heat is paid for by the government so people living there will blast it all the time.
Ooh, I need to take off my coat, they're blasting that government heat in here.
by Ianthe April 12, 2007
Internet smiley depicting the likeness of a certain loveable Pacman.

! * !

!__* __!
!_(.V)_! <<<<<<<(what a retard)
!______! (hes gonna get eaten)
by Ianthe May 11, 2006
The weird gunk inbetween your keyboard keys. Originated in My Pants, the Brotherhood 2.0 forum circa August 2, 2007.
"I turned my keyboard upside down and shook it and all the smarm fell out onto the floor. GROSS!"
by Ianthe August 01, 2007

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