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A fart dragon is a fart that one drags behind them and spreads out around them when they stop to talk to you.
Scott needs to stop fart dragon. It smelled terrible when he came over here to talk to me.
by Ianferno April 29, 2008
When two words are combined to make a new word. The first consonants before the vowel of the first word and the second word minus the first consonants are joined to make the new word. Some cases may require the first vowel in the first word to replace the first vowel in the second word or the consonant right before the vowel in the second word joins the first consonants in the first word.

Two words with the same beginning consonant may not be hybridized.

The new word often forms a word already in the English language. This is fine.

chicken + spaghetti = chaghetti
swoop + forward = sworward (was used to reference hair)
stupid + whore = store

NOT ACCEPTABLE -> male + model = model (doesn't work)

Hey, what's for supper?
Chicken Spaghetti.
Oh, chaghetti?
Ya, Nice hybridization!

It's shit time!

by Ianferno April 29, 2008

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