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Greenbelt is a city in PG County. It was orriginally set up by Franklin D. Roosevelt as a place for army veterans to live.

Greenbelt is known for one of the better Highschools in PG, ERHS, standing for Eleanor Roosevelt Highschool. Sometimes also refured to as "Rose."

Greenbelt has about a 70% Black community but is somewhat diverse. In old greenbelt you will find mostly old people and young white pot heads and skaters. In new greenbelt you will find more Blacks and Asians. New Greenbelt is also home to the smalltime gang the GOC
Greenbelt, home of the Roosevelt Raiders!
by Ian-Dawg March 10, 2004
GOC: Glen Oaks Crew.

This is a small gang in Greenbelt that hangs around the Glen Oaks Apartments. They mostly sit on the steps, drink, get high, and have sex. They are not known for too much violence even though a few shootings have occured in the area in the last few years.
Represent the GOC!
by Ian-Dawg March 10, 2004
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