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A free spirited person or thing.
His life was so spree, and he could do anything he wanted, with no limits or boundaries.
by Ian Suri July 01, 2005
1. A situation, event, or time, in which one is "screwed".

2. When one or more geeks is involved in some sort of sexual intercouse and yells in enjoyment the equivelent to "PWN'D" by saying "You just got FUK'D!"
1. Damn, when my parents find out Sam's pregnant, I'm Fuck'd!

2. Dear E-Journal,

I actually got a girl to have sex with me. Not just oral. ANd with mum too. In the basement. i love being 45 and living with mum. Anyways....when I came all over them I screamed out "FUCK'D!" and Shawn just stared. He was video tapping it for hotmumsinaction.com. I was so emmbarased. I grew as red as one of Mario's power up mushrooms.

//End Entry
by Ian Suri July 18, 2005
Our substitue teacher came in the door, hand at a 45 degree angle with a crotch wedgie from his short-shorts, and I just turned to my friend Adam and said, "Dude, this has officialy become a salchichas fiesta."
by Ian Suri May 07, 2006
Large breasts or "tits"; hence, bigit (from big and tits)
Damn, that girl over there has some nice bigits.
by Ian Suri July 01, 2005
Another one of my common typos that I ahve decided to institue as a word in my vocabulary. The same definiton as like, leik is a common typo amongst the fast or inept typers of the world. You can also check out another common typo, ahve(meant to be have).
I was really was supposed to ahve gone to pick up the movies, but I had to talk to this girl that has leiked me for about two summers now.
by Ian Suri July 26, 2005
Being or becoming a geek; Being "pwned" by someone 'geek' in nature.
I had no social life, and no friends, so i looked towards becoming a geek. That's when I was geek'ed.

Damn, I thought I was so good at Halo, but I just got geek'ed!
by Ian Suri July 01, 2005

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