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The word 'Sinther' or 'closet emo', even 'closet homosexual' are commonly used around the Sydney, Blacktown area.

Sinthers are usually fat, lazy, work at woolworths and can be found either working late hours or sitting infront of his computer flogging his log on webcam...

Gotta love being a Sinther
<_DoNKeY_> Yo man, come out i love you
<Sinther> no way, im floggin me log!
by Ian Scerri October 01, 2006
SyKotix is like, the greatest person ever to live..we all love him
<Sinther> i love you man, your like the single most greatest person ever... spend time with me
<SyKotix> no way man, i am going to leave you to flog your log
by Ian Scerri October 01, 2006

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