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2 definitions by Ian McDowell

A drop-dead gorgeous or scorchingly hot woman who looks like she could have stepped right out of a classic Hollywood film or a vintage pin-up. She can be classy, suggesting someone like Lauren Bacall or Audrey Hepburn or (the young!) Katherine Hepburn, or a sexbomb, like Bettie Page or Jayne Mansfield Pamela Green or Sophia Loren. Her vintage beauty and/or sexiness can be that of any period from the 1920s to the mid-60s. Hippie chicks do NOT count, nor do women whose looks, however attractive, suggest a 70s roller disco queen or an 80s music video.
Director Tim Burton's ex-girlfriend Lisa Marie (the actress, NOT Elvis's daughter) was a real retro babe when she played Vampira in ED WOOD. So was Jennifer Connelly back before she got too skinny. Anna Nicole Smith was almost a retro babe, back before she porked out and the media revealed what her intelligence and personality were like.
by Ian McDowell December 24, 2005
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Adjective applied to an attractive and exceptionally buxom punk rock girl.
"That Angela is one punk-rack-ular goddess," said Sam as he gazed longingly at the mohawked beauty in the mosh pit.
by Ian McDowell January 02, 2006
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