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A group of islands in the central part of the Philippines, known for its tourist spots, women, and the hospitality of the Visayans (people from the Visayas).
(1) Some of my relatives live in the Visayas region.

(2) Some of the most beautiful tourist spots in the Philippines are located in the Visayas.

(3) The first European tourists to visit the Visayas were Ferdiand Magellan and his clique. (they are conquistadors, btw.) Sadly, most of them were slaughtered in Mactan island because they probably abused the locals' hospitality or the conquistadors were too arrogant or they're just plain undesirables.

(4) Make your own example about "Visayas" since I can't think of other plausible examples.
by Ian Lopez April 07, 2008
D.B.=Dumb Bitch

Also there are D.S., D.C., D.W., and many more
Man, that chick is such a D.B.
by Ian Lopez October 16, 2007
A gay dj on Magic 89.9, Originally from Detroit, he left for the Philippines in 1999 and started his radio career there. He is gay for more than 6 years and enjoys it. Listens to and plays house music when Mo Twister is not around. Also notorious for his Cute Boy Alert (inactive as of nov 24, 2007), flirting with male guests on Good Times with Mo, and practically arguing with Mo most of the time. Mojo is also branded either as a hypocrite or a person who thinks he's right (or is right in his beliefs). Also often accused of ratings death. Nearly got fired when Chiz Escudero didn't show up last wed (nov21, 2007), which the young senator did. Also notorious for being late most of the time (since Good Times with Mo went on air on October 2005), for chain smoking, saying uhh most of the time & attacking some callers. nad for his obesity as well.

Love him or hate him, he's here to do shit.
Ian Lopez: I met Mojo Jojo in Eastwood City
Dean: Whatever.


Ian: I heard on radio that Mo, and Andi made calls to prove or disprove the fact that Mojo Jojo was popular. Some of its callers used putang ina, various profanity, while other callers somewhat know Mojo Jojo. Some don't even know him at all. I heard that they called a tobacco company during one of the calls and Mo said that Mojo was one of its favorite consumers of its brands.
Some guy: Wow. Very Informative.
by Ian Lopez November 24, 2007
very useful in very tight shit. used to smoke on people you love to hate.
When meeting people like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, always have a strap on your side.

A friendly reminder from the people who care about your sanity.
by Ian Lopez May 19, 2008
it looks like petrolleum, tastes like crap, only eaten by australians, expats in other countries, and people who eat way too much crrap.
1) some autralian weirdo: have some vegemite, mate!
mo: no way. looks like petrolleum, tastes like crap.

2) ian: I'd rather drink coffee made from civet cat shit than to taste that crap (vegemite).

3) random tourist: let me have some of that vegemite!
*spreads some vegemite thinly on a piece of bread, then eats it*
*chokes, then vomits, then passes out.*
some australian: poor fella. I feel sorry for him. *starts eating vegemite, then proceeds to hum the "happy little vegemite" jingle.*
by Ian Lopez April 06, 2008
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