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I cannot describe your performance, so I am forced to make up my own word.....scrumtralescent
by Ian Jones March 18, 2005
The Nerdy, and often pimply kids who sit in the lunch room and play games like: Magic the gathering, Yu-gi-Oh, and even a rousing game of Pok`e Mon has been known to break out from this class pf people. Always found in the lunch room at their own table yelling about a spell that was cast.
Watching the food court druids play their
card games made me realize that maybe suicide wasnt the only option.

Did you see the food court druid fight today? there were totally magic/yu-gi-oh/Pokemon cards everywhere.
by Ian Jones March 18, 2005
Money or some token of monetary value: particularly when pertaining to jew gold.
The man paid for the siddur with his mindx.
by Ian Jones September 07, 2008

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