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Thigh-high, usually black leather boots with long stilletto heels. Because of the common practice of dominatrices wearing such boots, they give the impression that the woman wearing them is dominant, confident or at least outgoing, regardless of whether or not she is actually a bitch.
"There's nothing quite like a hot girl with a perfect navel, great legs, and bitch boots to top it off"
by Ian Evans December 11, 2006
A derogatory term for a secretary, assistant, or intern that does the most demeaning and menial office work. This person is almost always at the bottom of the company ladder, making them a living target for all their coworkers.
Jim: God, I really don't want to have to copy all of this crap. Then it's got to get filed. It's gonna take all night.

Mike: Well, just give it to the file bitch. She's not a real person anyway.
by Ian Evans January 23, 2008

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