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21 definitions by Ian De La Rosa

A Charlie Brown is a “middle of the road” sort of guy. He is not extreme and doesn’t see life as “black and white.” He sees all the grays and variations, which makes him interesting in some way. Some people see this as a “wishy washy” personality, but it is not so.

Charlie Brown is not mainstream. He is loyal to his friends and has an under rated “offbeat” sense –of-humor. Overall, he is not a bad person to be around.
Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie Brown-iest.
by Ian De La Rosa July 03, 2013
In practical everyday uses, a Dark Friend is someone who appears to like you and have your best interest at hand, but, in reality, subtly enjoys befriending you and watching your down fall.

Dark Friends enjoy turning good, honest and loyal people into bad and watching their suffering and deterioration that comes in result of this. They can slowly do this through the use of drugs, music, sex, materialistic culture or subtle suggestions that slowly make the person discontent and open to negative activity.

On the outside, Dark Friends can be attractive, clever and funny, but their motives are always vile and self-centered. They hold Love in great contempt and try to destroy and dissolve it in any way possible.

The term “Dark Friend” originated in the fictional world of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fantasy series. “Dark friends are followers of the Dark One. Dark friend in the Old Tongue is Atha'an Shadar, which translated more directly to "People of the Dark.”
“As a, hopefully, wiser adult, I can see into people much better and can see a dark friend more than I was able to when I was younger.”
by Ian De La Rosa September 20, 2013
A “ Worm Tongue” is a cunning, lying “sack of shit” Troll who for some reason is able to incredibly manipulate people to evil ends with their voices. The trance that worm tongues put their victims into is similar to a snake that hypnotizes its prey, before it eats them.

Most televangelists, used-car salesmen, politicians, hookers, drug dealers and lawyers have worm tongues and have to the power to seduce people with their voices.

The origin of the worm tongue is most-likely the character created by J.R.R. Tolkien in “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy.
Len is sure one mother-fucking worm tongue. I have never seen one person create so much stink between people in such a long time.
by Ian De La Rosa July 03, 2013
A “Talking Head” is someone who never stops talking. They will corner you by your car after a long day’s work to tell you gossip about the neighbors or to ask you about the details of your day, so they can distort it and spread it throughout the neighborhood.

Not all Talking Heads are malicious, but all talking heads are idiots and time-wasters. Over a year, you can lose many precious hours cornered by a Talking Head.

It is important to cut them off immediately, even if it seems rude and you end up on their “neighborhood hit list.” For the most part, all Talking Heads, unknown to themselves, are hated and despised by most people.
"Man, Jean sure is one tedious “Talking Head.” I just lost an hour of my life that I will never get back just talking to them."
by Ian De La Rosa September 19, 2013
Flags are little pieces of colored cloth that are used to create division amongst people.
Flags are handy to use in wars, so you know which side to kill.

A “flag waver” is an overly, misguided patriotic who hangs many flags around the outside of their house, waves them in their hands or attaches them to their vehicles.

Some of the more inbred “Hill Billy,” “Chuckle Head” individuals will even stick a giant flag on a tall pole and attach it to the back of their vehicle so that they can slowly drive around town with the big flag flapping in the wind for all to see.

These “people?” get easily excited and would be the first to verbally send you off to some unjust war to rape and pillage some far away country. These wars are usually created by big businesses that use government politicians as their puppets to make money. These wars/business ventures are really for stealing some other country’s natural resources while killing their inhabitants in the name of “giving them democracy,” eradicating non-existent “weapons of mass-destruction,” etc.

Hitler was really into his flags. During the height of World War II, if you were the one guy on the block who didn’t have your big Nazi flag floating in the wind out front, you could get a one-way ticket to a concentration camp for being a malcontent and unpatriotic.
Lenny is one hell of a flag waver. He just sent his son off to a war to risk his life so our oil companies could get rich. What an idiot...
by Ian De La Rosa July 03, 2013
A “Misery Chain” describes the "endless cycle" of bad parenting.

"Fucked up parents" create "fucked up kids" who grow up to have more fucked up kids of their own, which keeps the Misery Chain going on and on into the future.

"Misery Chains" are often created by selfish or stupid people with no insight or sense of ethics: playboys, players, skanks, sluts, floozies, druggies, crack heads, dark friends, beach trolls, hill trolls, city trolls and trolls in general.
Wow, she created one “misery chain” having all those “screwed-up” kids by a bunch of different “screwed-up” guys.
by Ian De La Rosa June 30, 2013
Sea Hag
“Sea Hags” are found in most coastal communities in Southern California and in many other beach environments throughout the world. They usually were cursed from early age with having large breasts and developed “out of control” egos from over attention by horny boys and men. They tend to have bleached blond hair and favor green & blue eye shadow. They are mostly loud, over- dramatic, gossipy and are recovering alcoholics, coke heads, etc. They belonged to the “mean girl” crowd in high school and enjoyed making fun of geeks or the fat kids at school. One major indicator sign of a “Sea Hag” are the Christian “Born Again” bumper stickers on their cars…such as “TRUTH,” “The Chosen” etc.
They usually dress 20+ years younger than their age and from a distance might look attractive in a cheap “Barbie doll/hooker” sort of way, but up close, their shallow contempt emanates through their caked on makeup which easily betrays their age. On contact with a Sea Hag a feeling of mistrust and revulsion will come upon you due to the putrescence emanating from their lost souls.

All Sea Hags are trouble-makers and several of their favorite past-times are sleeping with married men, pitting men in fights against each other over them in bars and befriending people to later betray them for their own selfish ends.

The origin of “Sea Hag” might come from the Popeye cartoon character.
Nina is such a "Sea Hag."
by Ian De La Rosa June 13, 2013