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A mixture between lah dee dah and blasé. First used by the drag queen Pearl in Rupaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 10 .
We're so easy going, so flasé dah.
by Iamtheother May 05, 2015
Unkown, but typically can refer to a state of intoxication so drunk that you can't form sentences and start making up words. Then it can mean just about anything. Can be shortened to slized if also high.
Getting slizzard like a g6.

That drink got me so slizzard.

Yo, Mr. Gregory I got so slizzard off your test.

I slized your mom

You dude I got slizzard, and then also slized.
by Iamtheother January 14, 2011
To lift things (typically heavy things) with ones dick
Tom went spelunking will Jill yesterday, he has some very strong parts
by Iamtheother September 10, 2011
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