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Egg roll daggers were the weapon of choice for the original Yellow Ranger from The Power Rangers.

The Yellow Ranger dual-wielded these during hand-to-hand combat against many enemies throughout the series.
Egg roll daggers $2.99!!!
by Iamsiam23xc September 12, 2007
1. An oversized or engorged female genetalia that is usually caused from excess weight gain and tight pants

2. An extremely large moose knuckle or camel toe
Did you see Kelly's puff cunt? It was so big that her pants were bursting at the seams!
by Iamsiam23xc September 12, 2007
The nice, old lady that gives candy to little kids at the back of the local hardware store.
Hey Dustin, lets go see if Monk has some candy for us!
by Iamsiam23xc September 12, 2007
The way in which a jaded girlfriend who has just become the victim of an unfaithful boyfriend "hits 'em up" by spending large amounts of money on frivolous, superficial material possesions
Hey ladies. When your man goes and gets buck wild, just go 'head and hit 'em up style!
by Iamsiam23xc September 12, 2007

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