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The 15 minutes of fame you receive from being on a YouTube video.

Related "Youfamy"
Wow, posting that clip on the net really made me youmous. I can't go out without someone asking me if I was that dude on the net!

The day she uploaded the video of me getting punked at my bachelor party will live in youfamy.
#famous #youtube #fame #video #youfamy
by iamnotone August 02, 2009
One who terrorizes another by sending a massive number of texts to his victim with the sole intent to (a) use up their free texts (if they are such a gignoramus as to not have unlimited texting; or (b) to simply overload their phone and time to delete all the nonsensical texts.
Jane is a real textorist! She texted me 653 times from jail thanking me for not bailing her out. I blew my free texts and my "delete" key! Ugh!!
#text #terrorist #terrorize #malicious texting #gignoramus
by Iamnotone April 12, 2010
Someone who is a billion times dumber than an ignoramus.
Jane is a real gignoramus, she tried to do the Mentos-Coke trick with cocaine, and got busted for possession when she couldn't figure out why it didn't work!
#billion #ignoramus #idiot #stupid #dumb #gig
by iamnotone April 12, 2010
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