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Very outgoing person who can have alot of friends but choses not to. Very kind hearted and greatful. Once your a friend of Jerica you cannot be rude,beacuse she turns any negative thing into a joke to make people laugh. Can almost never get angery or upset,unless u cross their line.
Usiwally found in some random place at random times. Really really random too!! Never breaks a friendship with anyone unless is forced to beacuse the person is very rude, dis-respecting and dull. Do not ever,EVER make Jerica mad beacuse it can MESS YOU UP!! You never know what Jerica will do next...DUN DUN DUUUU!!!
Person1: Hello.
Jerica: Hi fellow person whom I dont know!!
Person1: What?
Jerica: What?
Person1: I don't know,what?
Jerica: I'm gonna get some chicken,bye!!
by IAMME February 11, 2013
What an unintelligent and ignorant person calls Emma Watson to make themselves feel better in their lonely lifes.
brainless person 1: OMG!!! Eww It's Emma TWATSON LOL LOL LOL!!!!!1!1
person 2: Why don't you like her?
brainless person 1: Beacause she's prettier than me and has more talent than I could ever dream of having! DUH! I needa talk bad about her because I needa make myself feel better. Oh but I don't let it get to me I have ma own life!!!11
person 2: you..idiot!
by iamme September 23, 2006
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