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Someone from Yorkshire (usually used to mean a Yorkshire lad)

A "Tyke" is also a mongrel dog (which maybe why Tyke is also a Yorkshire dialect word for a Yorkshire Terrier dog), originally it was used by the southerners in the 18th/19th centuries as a derogatory term for Yorkshire folk, who they thought of as uncouth and coarse then it went to being a word Yorkshire folk proudly call themselves, like Geordie or Brummie.

Tyke can also mean a small bairn, especially a mischievous one
"im a lad from York, im a Tyke and proud of it!" - Me
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall April 19, 2013
One of the two big t-shirt ads on urbandicionary.com, the other being bustedtees.com. Features a guy who is marvelling at his printed t-shirt so much you may think he will masturbate over it also a soft-porn woman with a t-shirt half way up her torso and also (which i haven't seen yet) a homeless-looking guy who hasn't groomed his beard for months.
random guy 1-did you go on urbandictionary.com last night?

random guy 2- yep saw that 6dollarshirts ad with the girl who has a t-shirt rolled up to her boobs!

random guy 1- what did you think?

random guy 2- i wish she was my wife
a female demon who appears to be a very beautiful woman and has sex with men to feed off there sexual energy, may also collect the victim's sperm which is then used by an Incubus (male sex demon) on a human female to create a Cambion, deformed or supernaturally-receptive children.

some say that a Succubus "eats" a man's soul during sex, and repeated visitings have been said to cause death.
be very careful when dealing with a Succubus, the thoroughly enjoyable sex can make a succubus very dangerous as it diminishes resistance to her leeching activities
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall January 06, 2012
The final boss and one the main antagonists of Tekken 6 (along with Heihachi), is very hard to defeat, don't try and beat him on the hardest difficulty as it is nearly impossible. He looks a lot like the Ancient Egyptian god, Set. Ironically, Azazel wears an Ancient Egyptian headpiece, he also looks like a huge crystalline dragon.
Me fightning Azazel with Yoshimitsu on arena yesterday:

Hell, it took me 10 minutes to beat that guy
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall October 31, 2009
What we are, the Synapsids appeared around the end of the Carboniferous to the beginning of the Permian as the Pelycosaurs A.K.A the "Sailbacks", the best known include Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus, the Pelycosaurs then became the Therapsids, such as the Gorgonopsids, Phthinosuchids, Biarmosuchids ect etc, these families are Eutheriodonts (except the oldest family, the Gorgonopsids which are Theriodonts), Humans as well as all mammals are Eutheriodonts as humans and mammals are descended from the Cynodonts, which are descended from the Therocephalians. After the Cynodonts came the mammals, the sole surviving class of the Synapsid legacy (reptiles are the Diapsid/Anapsids), Early in Synapsid history, we began splitting off from our reptilian brothers (before then we had all been Amniotes), the Synapsids and the Reptiles (Anapsids/Diapsids) began competing for survival, all throughout the Permian the Synapsids were the top predators until the the Permo-Triassic extinction, all the large synapsids (the predators like Gorgonops) were made extinct, only the small burrowers and the herbivores survived, the reptiles "took the crown" off the Synapsids and became the top predators, these were the Dinosaurs, they became as successful as the Synapsids before them.
After the K/T Extinction Event, the Synapsids regained the crown for being the dominant land-predators, like our forerunners about 200 million years before.
a Synapsid is one of few organisms to have been through both blood temperatures (e.g the early Synapsids (like Dimetrodon) were probably cold-blooded, probably why they had a sail, to heat them up quicker, their descendants, the later Synapsids (like the Mammals) are warm-blooded)
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall August 26, 2009
something that's become more common since the creation of super-sized fast food
super size me-a good and insightful programme about over-weight troubles (although heart attack isn't one of them, but it's pretty obvious)
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall April 25, 2010
A new disease which covers the western world, pretty much everyone has no immunity to the facebook disease, it affects your brain quite easily, there is no preventitative medicine to the disease, the best preventitative medicine happens to be the cure, keep yourself occupied, then the facebook disease will eventually die, mild forms of the disease are not bad and will eventually peter out, however more serious cases are nastier, here are the symptoms- DVT (only in the worst cases), stiff,painful fingers, arm aches, arguments between you and your parents, "Can't be bothered to do anything" attitude, lack of exercise, possibly weight gain, there may be more symptoms but these are the ones I know at this moment in time.
random guy 1: I have put on like 2 stone in a month, my wife has left me, my fingers ache all the time, exercise is too difficult and my spots have tripled in amount and I wake up in the morning and sing "Oh, what a crappy morning", please tell me what's wrong with me.

random guy 2: You have a serious form of the facebook disease, I recommend kepping yourself occupied and not even looking at the computer
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall August 21, 2009
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