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A girl or boy who likes to dress both the 'Preppy' and 'Punk\Goth' way. They have the mindset of knowing how to act either way because of their personality being split between the two. They mostly like the punk scene for the lifestyle and the true meaning behind it,if you will. And the preppy side is mostly the love for meeting new\cool people and being able to fit in with that crowd while still being themselves.
Person 1: Hey there's Allie again...wasn't she wearing that new Hollister sweater she seemed to love?...And now she's wearing... -trys to read the shirt- The Misfits? Okay...
Person 2: Trust me, I have her in my gym class, she's really cool. She's not a poser...just, different.

Person 1: ....So Preppy Punk? Hm, nice.
by IamWhoeverThef*ckIam(: January 17, 2011

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