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A state of retardedness where the subject is under such delusions that an action like wearing their pants on their own head seems like a rational thing to do.
Medical Chief: What can you tell me about the patient?

Psychologist#1: When brought in he was in a hysterical state. At the time there was no way of contacting him. We've had some limited interaction with him once he calmed down.

Medical Chief: Could you elaborate?

Psychologist#1: Well, so far, he has insisted on eating soup with a fork, wasn't able to grasp that an on/off button only has two modes and shows equal amount of amusement from contemporary music as well as advertising jingles.

Psychologist#2: The subject seems unaware of his surroundings, shows poor to none skills in human communications and lack concept of the basic laws of physics.

Medical Chief: So pretty much pants on head retarded?

Psychologist#1: That would be the medical term, yes.
by IamKenny April 14, 2010

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