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1)Insert 2 in the kitty, 1 in the shitty on two women with each hand
2)Instruct Two midgets to place their pooper on each hitchhiker's thumb while performing the regular Shocker.
3)Perform this act all at once with all four girls!
You'll never even miss the cock!

once you've tried QUADRASHOCKING!

Make em squirm and make em cream!

Quadrashock em til they scream!

One girl, two girl, three girl, four!

Quadrashock that fucking whore!
by I_yell_it April 09, 2008
n. A tolerant vegan. A vegan who isn't militant, who doesn't mind the smell of meat and doesn't push veganism on their friends.
It's ok if you invite Danielle over when we grill, she's a vegarant.
by I_yell_it May 01, 2008
A person who is overly sensitive/dramatic, and makes a big deal out of every possible situation.
Rebbecca! Stop being such a sensigina, grow up!
by I_yell_it April 11, 2008

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