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A band started by the one and only Dahvie Vanity to spread the message of love. The rest of the band consist of Jayy von Monroe also on volcals. Jayy von Monroe is gay but that dosent make him different. Some of there songs include: right to love- a song about love it dosent matter if your gay, bisexual, lesbian or straight you should still be able to be with the person you love. Also the song: rise and shine- a song about bullying. So to sum it up blood on the dance floor is a band that helps kids and adults with problems so all you haters don't really understand unless you are truly a member of the SGTC.
SGTC member 1: I'm so depressed I'm being bullied

SGTC member 2: listen to blood on the dance floor they helped me they can help you to
by I_love_Dahvie_vanity March 17, 2013
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