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Conjoins the two following acronyms 'stfd' and 'stfu'

"Sit the fuck down, and shut the FUCK UP!"

Used when 'stfd' or 'stfu' doesn't achieve a satisfactory effect.

Often used to establish superiority and 1337ness.
"stfd and stfu bitch and gtfo you n00b"
Mr. Pub-Star 1337
by I_Love_hooters January 04, 2005
A person (female) who intentionally or unintentionally stops the progress of another female getting her game on.

Female-specific variant of "Cock Blocker"

Definition rooted from MrTea6's definition of Cock Blocker.
"Wow Regina is such a cunt blocker; she kissed Aaron Samuels at his Halloween party!" Cady
by I_Love_hooters January 03, 2005
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