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A good movie that's gotten a bad rap due to stubborn fans using poor defenses of the film when it's criticized.

They often say people just "don't get it" if they don't like it and anyone who doesn't should go watch Transformers 2 (or whatever other film which is at the time popular for lacking plot and overusing CGI, etc).

Personally, however, I still find it to be a very good movie, it's just unfortunate that it's gotten such a bad rep due to stubborn defenders who can't deal with other opinions
Some guy: No Country For Old Men sucked!

Stubborn NCFOM fan: You just didn't get it, go watch Transformers 2!

Some guy: You're stupid for liking it!

Stubborn NCFOM fan: No, you are!

Sensible person: Wouldn't it be easier to simply accept some people didn't like the movie, instead of giving its fanbase a bad name?

Stubborn NCFOM fan: Go watch Transformers!
by IWasFrozenToday January 06, 2010

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