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The #1 phrase that a gamer hates to hear!
It means, . . .I win!

When somebody scores that ultimate point at the end of a game, sporting match by in, tournaments, cat & mouse relationship sarcasms without a good comeback, wagers, debates, ect.

Eric: I don't know anything about that website!
Bryan: You didn't ask me!
Kelly: You're all making crying game statements and technically, if a guy is misrepresenting, misinforming or misleading his spouse or friends in any way, you are aware and a part of the harms and wayside that causes life. You know, . . .what's the filter word these days? Right....Drama! Don't even! I Win!
Eric: Kelly, I swear to you, I wouldn't do something like this!
Kelly: OH BRYAN,...Would you mind telling the people standing for the lines, ...I Win! Faithfully means more than just who's bed you lie in! And, Jon said, "don't trust Jim," either!
Bryan:(knows she's right)
Eric: Fuck man, . . .this? Why? She's your friend AND your boy messed up!She said stop! I said stop talking about her, love her and this is childishly dramatic!
Kelly: I still win!
E&B: Kelly, shut up!
Kelly: Winners, . . .aren't we all? Ladies, I can't belive you helped these asses do this! Quit being fascinated, facilities, suckers! Look, look, I can type those sounds together. I just can't say them very well any more! Moreover, Jon's still turkeydick & I would have whomped that tag @ the release! Care to wager a video ass whooping on that shut up?

Ms.turyJ: Why didn't you?
Kelly: Haven't you herd? That amount of dumbass leaves a lingering effective on imprinters! I can't be smelling like smelter & dumbass. I can smell like fucken all day! But dumbass and smelter. . .IDK!

E&B: WHAT? That's messed up!
Kelly: Instinctual karmic climax. So is this! Ergo. . .I still win, we still win! Suck It!!!
by IWINK'D April 29, 2013

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