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Information Technology Recruiter.

A person that knows nothing about technology and is unable to learn technology.

A pretender - one who attempts to "talk the talk" with IT people, but earns no respect.

A person that has little or no common sense.

A talent-less leach that makes money from the talents of IT people.

A person who believes that you have 4 years of experience with Windows 2003...

A person who tries to push you into a dead-end entry level job even though you have over 10 years of IT experience.

A person that will call you up to ask you things that are detailed on your resume (that they didn’t read).

A person that will ask you if you are interested in a (low end) job 300 miles from the major city that you live in despite the fact that you indicated that you were NOT interested in relocating.

A person who doesnt know what a BOX is.
In November of 2003, this moron calls me and asks me a bunch of stupid questions. When he asks me how many years of experience I had with Windows Server 2003, I thought he was joking, so I said: "FOUR". He didnt laugh and he didnt question me...

...So I said to the loser as he carried his belongings to his car after being fired: "Hey Tom - NOW do you know what a BOX is!? It's what you're carrying!"
by IT_GU_RU February 10, 2004
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