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underpants, duds.
ive got no clean undercrackers
by ipw June 09, 2004
shit, of low quality.
look at his shniede trainers.
by ipw June 16, 2004
Steenie is beautiful, nice, and caring. She's probably the nicest person you can ever know. She is my bby. I give her gamma too. <3
by IPW December 11, 2012
short for snakebite.half cider half lager. (not purple!!!!)
two pints of snakey pet.
by ipw June 09, 2004
chewing gum
can i borrow thirty pence for some chuds please?
by ipw June 09, 2004
north east term for undercrackers.
ah no, me duds are covered in skiddies.
by ipw June 09, 2004

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