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Brooklynese. The evil eye. Whammy To give somebody bad luck.
"When Tony put the Maloika on me I knew my horse had no shot"
by INOX NYC April 26, 2010
When a womans breasts sag but she dresses to expose them anyway. Like cleavage but down around the knees.
Man, that old broad was showing some kneevage
by INOX NYC May 15, 2011
European. A type of metal, like stainless steel. Usually used to make knife blades.
Buy an Italian switchblade and it has "inox" stamped on it instead of "stainless"
by INOX NYC April 05, 2010
Brooklynese. A woman of low character. Someone who's real easy. Think big hair and leopard skin spandex.
"Tony showed up at the bar last night with these two scaffuzos and the boyz went nuts"
by INOX NYC April 03, 2010
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