3 definitions by INDIE BARF :)

The maddest, raddest, most hardcore gang found on the southeast coast of the United States.
"I heard Macke is in juvie for the fourth time this semester."

"Haven't you heard? She's in the Yellow Pansies!"

"Whoa! I thought she was just stealing from the cafeteria again..."
by INDIE BARF :) August 10, 2008
An underground term used by Southern farmers in the US to describe an eggplant. Starlett eggplants tend to be deformed and abnormally heavy due to their fat and pessimistic natures. It is best to just throw them away.
"Well, hot dog! This here eggplant weighs a ton!"

"That ain't no eggplant, Joe! It's a dang gum Starlett!"
by INDIE BARF :) August 10, 2008
A term used for the scene boy or typical scenester in high school. An Elkins is characterized by painted-on jeans and shaggy hair, as well as by the cloud of freshman following him/her. They are likely to be a part of the skater scene and preach about being straightedge.
Freshman Girl 1: "Is that Elkins? LET'S GO TALK TO HIM!"

Freshman Girl 2: "NO! I HATE HIM!"

by INDIE BARF :) August 10, 2008

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