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2 definitions by IMAMEX

The criminal mastermind of "Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, too?" A movie featured in Strongbad Email Dangeresque 3. Basically Perducci wanted to kidnap Cutesy Buttons (played by marzipan). After Dangeresque finds out that he's hiding out in Instanbul, Perducci unleashes his secret weapon, Killingyouguy (played by Strongmad).
Dangeresque too - what do you know about Perducci?

STRONG SAD - Only that I am not one of his minions.

Dangeresque too - Well, thanks anyways. Move it along, hot tub!

Dangeresque - That stranger seemed to know a little bit too little about Perducci...

*Enter Perducci*

Perducci - What? Two Dangeresques? Well, they'll still be no match for my secret weapon! *enter Killingyouguy*
by IMAMEX September 07, 2006
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Someone who's your boy and from latino origin.
douche 1: Yo man you down with Luis?

douche 2: fuck yeah bro he's my brownigga
by IMAMEX November 29, 2007
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