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A boy, normally a senior, who had many talents, such as, music/jazz, acting, singing, dancing, ninja, and many more. he is VERY VERY sexy and has black hair. Not extremely tall but its hot all the same. He is a pot head, and smokes plenty a hookah. He doesn't care what anyone thinks and is very awkward. also, he is very funny and slightly annoying. Likes Taco bell and Tropical Smoothie and will never be caught without the following; a bong, a guitar, a bass, drum sticks, his brown satchel, a hangover/ drunkenness, a sexy silly smile.
Friend 1:Dude, I am SO hungry. Lets find Max and go to Taco Bell.
Friend 2:Cool, then he can play us that song about cocaine on the guitar/ukelele.
Friend 1:Oh yeah awesome! then, at 4:20 we can all get high together?
Friend 2:DEF!
by ILoveYouMax October 19, 2010

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