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Grace is a truly amazing person. She comes off quiet, but once you get to know her, she opens up to you. Se will often leave a trail of glitter and sparkles, and fireworks pop all around her when she laughs. Shes smart, funny, and a wonderful person. Just try to say something to her, no matter what it might be. You can always trust her, no matter what. She is an overal wonderful person.
Person 1- i have a huge problem.
Person 2- go talk to grace, she can help

person 3- whoa! who is that?!
person 4- oh thats just grace
person 5-JUST grace?!?! shes freaking amazing!!
person 4- i guess ive never really talked to her before...
person 3- well lets go now!!
by ILoveYou,YesYou November 14, 2011

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