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2 definitions by ILOVEYOURYAN

An otherworldly pan dimensional being of such infinite prowess that they have mastered all known aspects of the metaphysical consciousness altering sexless void, known as the friend zone. He has shattered all pre conceived notions of barriers, limits and rational ability considering all relations, religions and retaliations concerning the female sex; or sex at all.
Dark Lord of the Friend Zone: Wanna go to Comic-Con?
Girl: OMG YES! Can we share a room, im strapped for cash
DL: Uh yea sure
Girl: If we share a bed, that can drive the price further down
DL: That sounds great!
Girl: OMG I cant wait to meet some hot nerds!

by ILOVEYOURYAN March 06, 2012
these people would be the cutest couple ever and i think he should ask her out because i know she really likes him... alot. in fact, she may be in love with him!
ryan and jamie cute couple for life. he should ask her out.
by iloveyouryan April 03, 2011